Lockheed TV-2 (T-33B) Preservation Project

Navy Aircraft Tail Number 138048

October 2021 Lockheed TV-2 (T-33B) update by preservation crew member Cesar Luaices.

The preservation of the 1950s vintage Navy TV-2 jet trainer is progressing well.

After receiving permission to preserve the TV-2 jet trainer, the aircraft was brought indoors from the New England Air Museum's outdoor display yard to the restoration hanger on December 8, 2020 to start the preservation process.

Aircraft that must be exposed to the weather will inevitably deteriorate. This condition cannot be stopped. It can be mitigated and slowed to some degree. Preservation efforts will help slow the deterioration.

As an outside display aircraft, our current TV-2 preservation is designed to improve the exhibit as well as protect it. Our actions involve some disassembly but are not as detailed as a restoration. Our initial inspection of the Navy trainer found this aircraft to be in relatively good condition overall with some issues resulting from being outside for many years. None of these issues are are expected to have a negative impact on the preservation of this aircraft.

TV-2 Aircraft prior to being towed into the Restoration Hangar (rear side view)

TV-2 Aircraft prior to being towed into the Restoration Hangar (nose view)

TV-2 Aircraft prior to being towed into the Restoration Hangar (front side view)

Both external wing tip fuel tanks were removed and mounted on a rolling stand to facilitate the paint removal process of both the wings and the tanks; the attaching points were in good condition.

All access panels were opened and little corrosion was found; the areas were cleaned up and treated with a corrosion control solution to protect the metal. The Engine/Tailpipe section was cleaned and treated with a corrosion inhibitor (Note: there was no Engine or Tailpipe installed in the aircraft.)

View of Don Scroggs sanding wing tank left and the empty TV-2 tailpipe right

The canopy and opened cockpit area are in the process of being cleaned up and treated; all instrumentation was previously removed, boxed, and stored. The canopy has some cracking/crazing and will be sealed and painted with special paint for protection before it is returned for display.

View of open nose access panels, canopy and cockpit area

The main and nose landing gear were stripped and painted, strut areas were preserved, and all wheel bearings were removed and repacked with appropriate lubrication. Wheels were stripped, repainted, and bearings reassembled. Tires are in poor condition but are still holding air, so we do not plan to replace them.

Close up of restored TV-2 nose gear

Restored TV-2 main gear

Restored TV-2 nose gear

Aircraft paint removal was started after all markings were noted and recorded for reapplication after painting. At present the aircraft is approximately 60% sanded and the preservation effort is making steady progress.

Current state of the TV-2 fuselage

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