Kaman HOK-1 Restoration Project

October 2021 Kaman HOK-1 update by Restoration Crew Chief Rick Centore.

We've made a lot of progress over the summer months on the HOK restoration. Many milestones were reached as fully restored assemblies were installed on the airframe. Both upper pylons were installed on the fuselage. The restored transmission was installed. The restored driveshafts and rotor heads were installed. The restored engine was installed on the rear of the fuselage. The restored seating was installed in the cockpit. All painting of the interior and exterior of the fuselage was completed. All the livery has been completed on the exterior of the aircraft. The twin tail boom was installed. Finally, the rotor blade restoration has begun.

The second driveshaft and rotor head assembly being lifted for installation into the left side upper pylon on May 12th.

The engine crew worked alongside the restoration crew on July 15th and the engine was successfully installed.

On August 31st restoration began on the rotor blades.

Chris Sinsigalli of Sinsigalli Signs applies the MARINES logo on September 28th.

On September 30th the completed tail booms were installed. The aircraft was in one piece for the first time in 45 years!

The HOK-1 on September 30th. Although the aircraft appears complete, much work remains. One missing window must be molded and the other windows must be restored. Rotor blade restoration must be competed and the blades installed. We've been working on the HOK for almost three years now. We're very proud of our progress and look forward to putting it on display for our guests here at the NEAM.

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