Kaman HOK-1 Restoration Project

April 2021 Kaman HOK-1 update by Restoration Crew Chief Rick Centore.

The HOK restoration team has been busy since our last update. Thanks go out the Collision Center of Torrington for painting the landing gear and other components. Their efforts kept us working throughout the winter.

Painted landing gear and fuselage

As with any complex machine, components are installed in a predetermined sequence. In the case of the HOK, the sequence is the transmission, the upper pylons, the drive shafts, and the engine. Many thanks to the engine crew who restored the engine and transmission over the winter months. The transmission was installed in late March. In early April the upper pylon installation was completed. We have begun restoring the driveshafts and rotor heads.

Installed transmission

Drive shafts and rotor heads mounted for restoration

The control system for the HOK is a mind-boggling series of rods, shafts, bell cranks, and cables. Installation of this complex system was completed by the newest member of the HOK crew, Steve Monaghan. Steve is a retired Kaman helicopter mechanic with a wealth of knowledge.

Tail boom assembly

There is a great deal of work yet to be done. But overall, we're very pleased with what we've been able to accomplish during a very trying time.

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