Kaman HOK-1 Restoration Project

March 2020 Kaman HOK-1 update by Restoration Crew Chief Rick Centore.

The restoration of our HOK helicopter began in earnest about fourteen months ago. The aircraft was in pretty rough shape when we began. The helicopter sustained a lot of damage in the tornado of 1979 when the hangar roof collapsed. Restoration began soon after the tornado but other projects took priority and work stopped. Many components had been removed and were lost over time. This complicates the restoration as missing parts have to be fabricated. Below is a list of areas we've been working on.

Fuselage and cabin:

  • The forward cabin roof was replaced.
  • Upper and lower console components were removed, restored, and reinstalled.
  • Pilot and co-pilot flight controls were restored.
  • A comparable pilot seat was found, restored, and ready for installation.
  • Floor and wall panels have been restored or if missing, fabricated.
  • Painting of the interior cabin was started.
  • Existing wiring was cleaned and restored.
  • Wiring for exterior and interior lighting was installed.
  • A mold is being made to form a replacement window.

Engine bay:

  • The engine crew has almost completed the engine and associated components.
  • The engine crew also completed restoration of the transmission.
  • Engine bay restoration has begun.

Tail booms:

  • A wooden work stand was built to hold the tail boom assembly during restoration.
  • Paint has been removed and sheet metal repairs have been made.
  • A wiring harness for tail boom lighting was made.
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