Fairchild-Republic A-10A Restoration Project

This is the January 2019 update of the restoration of the Museum's Fairchild-Republic A-10A close-air-support aircraft. This restoration commenced with the aircraft being moved into the Museum's restoration hangar during the last week of November 2017.

The A-10 originally came to NEAM from the Connecticut Air National Guard stationed here in Windsor Locks. In 2017, the original scope of the restoration was to remediate physical damage to the leading edges of both wings, as well as, touch up paint worn areas of the aircraft (this would include complete preparation and repainting of the top surfaces of both wings). Also, surface cleaning of the cockpit instrument panels would be accomplished. Existing wing-mounted munitions were removed from the aircraft by a group of volunteers from the Massachusetts Air National Guard unit assigned to Barnes Airport in Westfield, Massachusetts. During the winter months of 2017, as well as the spring and summer months of 2018, wing preparation was accomplished.

After a closer inspection of the aircraft condition in October of 2018, a decision to amend the initial scope of the restoration project was agreed upon on. The revised restoration project will now include a full repainting of the aircraft along with full replacement of the aircraft's markings. All of the previously removed wing-mounted munitions will be fully repainted and re-lettered as well. To permit better access to the aircraft, the aircraft has been moved from the restoration hangar to the storage hangar. This will permit ease of moving the aircraft in and out to support daily restoration activities.

As of January 2019, surface preparation of the aircraft fuselage and undersides of the two wings is 25% complete. Surface preparation of the wing-mounted munitions continues with 4 out of 6 munitions completed. Also being worked is the manufacturing of the necessary stencils that will be used to re-letter the aircraft. A local sign making business has been contracted to do this task.

The priming and re-painting of the aircraft is scheduled to be completed in late spring and early summer of 2019. Our intentions are to apply aircraft quality, MIL-spec primer and paint on the plane. The aircraft will be painted and marked in a three-color wrap around camouflage pattern, similar to what it looked like when station here at Bradley Field with the 118th Fighter Squadron / 103rd Fighter Wing.

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