Rolls Royce Nene II

Rolls Royce Nene II aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   Turbojet
Turbine:   Single-stage axial
Compressor:   Single-stage centrifugal with double-sided impeller
Weight:   1,600 lbs.
Power Output:   5,400 lbf. of thrust
Year:   1947
NEAM Id:   19
Location:   Connector between the Military and Civil Hangars

Gift of the National Museum of Naval Aviation

The Nene is a centrifugal compressor turbojet engine that produced 5,400 lbs of thrust. It was the third and last model developed by Rolls Royce and was supplanted the the Avon generation of turbojets. Considered very powerful among early jet engines, it is saw little use in British aircraft, but was manufactured under license in the U.S. by Pratt & Whitney as the J42. The J42 was the propulsion basis for the Grumman F9F “Panther.” Its most widespread use was in the form of the Klimov RD-45 and VK-1, a reverse-engineered, and modified versions, which powered Soviet fighters and bombers including the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15, MiG-17.

This example powered the prototype F9F-2 from March through October, 1948. It then became a U.S. Navy instructional cutaway in December, 1949.

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