Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   Turboprop
Turbine:   1-stage gas generator power turbine + 1-stage free power turbine
Compressor:   3-stage axial + 1-stage centrifugal flow
Weight:   270 lbs.
Power Output:   475 shp - 1,400 shp based on model
NEAM Id:   28
Location:   Civil Hangar

Gift of Pratt & Whitney

The PT6 is a lightweight, free-turbine turboprop engine that provided a power range from 475 to 1,400 shaft horsepower. Versatile and dependable, the PT6 has become well established in the coporate, commuter and utility aircraft markets, operating in a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Produced since 1964, the PT6 has been certified in over 100 different aircraft applications ranging from the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar where it was the powerplant for Hamilton Standard's auxiliary power unit, to single engine aircraft used for crop dusting in Australia.

As Pratt & Whitney Canada states, “The PT6A engine family remains the world's most popular engine in its class and is one of P&WC's greatest success stories. Experience gained from the PT6A has helped spawn many of the engine families that have made P&WC a world leader in the gas turbine engine market.”

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