Hispano-Suiza V-8

Hispano-Suiza V-8 aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   8-cylinder, liquid-cooled, “V”, piston
Displacement:   718 cu. in
Weight:   445 lbs.
Power Output:   150 hp
NEAM Id:   37
Location:   Military Hangar

In 1904, Marc Birkigt, a Swiss entreprener, set up a factory in Spain to manufacture luxury automobiles. Hence the name Hispano-Suiza which translates “Spanish Swiss.” In 1914 he began to manufacture aircraft engines in Paris. Hispano-Suiza engines were licensed for manufacture in over 20 countries. After the United States entered World War I, the Wright-Martin Company built a 150hp version adapting it to American manufacturing methods and produced it in large numbers. Versions of this engine were used on U.S. Air Service SPADs and SE5s.

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