Guiberson T-1020 Diesel

Guiberson T-1020 Diesel aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   9-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, direct-injection, deisel, radial, piston
Displacement:   1,021 cu. in
Weight:   650 lbs.
Power Output:   340 hp
NEAM Id:   130
Location:   Civil Hangar

In the 1930's, the Guiberson Diesel Engine Company developed diesel engines intended for use in aircraft. The principal feature of the Guiberson design was the variable fuel control system. The stroke of the nine injection pumps varied as the timing of the fuel injection was advanced or retarded by means of one throttle control.

The A-1020 design resulted from ten years of research and testing of their A-980 Aero Diesel which produced 185 hp. The power of the A-1020 was increased to 340 hp with a better power-to-weight ratio of .52 hp/lb vs. .36 hp/lb for the A-980. Certification for the A-1020 was granted in February, 1940 after over 1,000 hours of flight testing installed in a Stinson Reliant.

The use of the engine in aircraft was ultimately limited because of a World War II decision to produce them primarily for tanks and boats, with the designation change to T-1020. The T-1020 shown here normally has a front mounted cooling fan that is not included to better show the design. In addition, cooling baffles around the top section of the cylinders are not installed and the annular intake manifold has been cut away for clarity.

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