Elbridge 'Featherweight'

Elbridge 'Featherweight' aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, inline, piston
Displacement:   302 cu. in
Weight:   178 lbs.
Power Output:   60 hp @ 1,500 rpm
NEAM Id:   214
Location:   Civil Hangar

Courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

In 1909, G. E. DeLong, Chief Engineer of the Elbridge Engine Company of Rochester, N. Y., redesigned their line of excellent two-cycle marine engines for aircraft. Named “Featherweight” to target aircraft builders, the Elbridge engines featured a modular construction that allowed them to be built in three, four and six vertical cylinder versions.

The reasonably priced Elbridge engines were extensively used by amateur aviators and were unique in having an unlimited warranty on manufacturing defects. This engine powered Clyde Cessna's first plane, the “Silverwing.”

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