Bradley V-8

Bradley V-8 aircraft engine at the New England Air Museum


Type:   8-cylinder, air-cooled, “V” piston
Displacement:   267 cu. in
Power Output:   50 hp
Year:   1911
NEAM Id:   34
Location:   Civil Hangar

Gift in memory of Rudolph Degen by Mrs. Emma Degen and Robert Degen

Because little information can be found regarding the Bradley engine, its designer, builder or place of manufacture, it is believed that very few were built. Typical of the early V-8 air-cooled designs, it may have been an off-shoot of the Bradley motorcycle engine. This example, purchased second-hand in 1912 by Rudolph Degen of New Durham, New Jersey, for his home-built airplane, is probably the only one remaining. The engine was built in 1911 and produced 50 hp with a displacement of 267 cubic inches.

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