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In accordance with its mission, the New England Air Museum collects, preserves, and exhibits objects of interest to the history of aviation in Connecticut, New England, and beyond.

To accomplish this goal, the Museum provides the best possible care for its existing collection while selectively acquiring new historic material for the artifact collection, the John W. Ramsay Research Library, and the 58th Bomb Wing Archives.

While we wish we could accept all donation offers, we do not have unlimited storage space and resources. Therefore, it is our policy to only accept items we know we can properly store, care for, and utilize.

How do I donate an item to the museum?

If you have a potential donation for the artifact collection, Research Library, or 58th Bomb Wing Archives, please submit this Contact Collections Form or send a letter to:

  • New England Air Museum
  • ATTN: Nick Hurley, Curator
  • 36 Perimeter Road
  • Windsor Locks, CT 06096

The more detailed your inquiry is, the better. Photographs and itemized lists of the item(s) in question are encouraged.

If your donation offer includes books, a list of titles is required.

Please do not contact members of the staff directly, by phone or email, regarding potential donations.

Once your inquiry is received it will be carefully reviewed. The museum may accept or deny the donation outright or follow up with additional questions. If the offer is accepted, you will be contacted and provided with further instructions.

If the Museum wants my item(s), do I need to do any paperwork?

At the time of donation, donors are required to complete a Deed of Gift form, a legal document that officially transfers ownership of the item(s) to the museum. The form must be completed, regardless of whether or not the donor wants to retain their copy. Only the current and valid legal owner(s) of an artifact may sign the Deed of Gift, and once the document is signed, ownership passes to the museum and cannot be returned to the donor.

Larger donations like aircraft, engines, or vehicles may require additional paperwork, but this will be coordinated between the donor and museum staff.

I'm sure you'll want this item. Can I just mail it in or drop it off?

No, the museum does not accept unsolicited donations. Because we have limited storage space for our collections and a small curatorial staff, every donation offer must be reviewed to determine whether the museum has the necessary space, resources, and requirements to warrant acceptance.

NEAM reserves the right to dispose of items left at the front desk or mailed to the museum without prior coordination.

Will my item(s) be exhibited?

The Museum only accepts items unconditionally and as such does not guarantee that any donated item will be displayed. Like most other institutions of our size and scope, only a percentage of our collection is ever on exhibit at any one time, while the rest is in secure storage and maintained for research and future exhibits.

Does the Museum accept loans of items?

NEAM does not typically accept personal loans of historical property. Items accepted as loans are limited to large artifacts (aircraft, engines, and vehicles).

Can the Museum tell me how much my donation is worth?

In accordance with museum standards and best practices, and to avoid a conflict of interest in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, NEAM cannot provide monetary appraisals for any item, regardless of whether it is being offered for donation. There are a number of professional organizations, however, who can assist you in this area. Please refer to this excellent informational page put together by the Smithsonian at

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