Nixon Special

Nixon Special at the New England Air Museum


Crew:   1
First Flight:   
Length:   18' 11”
Wingspan:   28'
Rotor Diameter:   
Empty Weight:   600 lbs.
Gross Weight:   
Cruise Speed:   
Maximum Speed:   
Service Ceiling:   
Powerplant:   Hall-Scott
Year:   1918
Serial No.:   Air-1
Location:   Civil Hangar

Gift from the Children of John F. Nixon

This is a home-built aircraft, by John F. Nixon from an original design by John F. McMahon. The plans called for aircraft to be powered by a modified Ford Model “T” engine, but this proved to be too heavy. Instead Nixon used a Hall-Scott and the result was so successful that he used the airplane in his work for Colonial Air Lines. It was flown until 1926 and then put into storage. In 1958. Noxon's son made four flights in the airplane before was put into storage again prior to its donation to the Museum.

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