Kaman K-225

Kaman K-225 at the New England Air Museum


Type:   Experimental helicopter
Crew:   2
First Flight:   
Length:   23'
Height:   11' 6”
Rotor Diameter:   38'
Empty Weight:   1,800 lbs.
Gross Weight:   2,700 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   
Maximum Speed:   72 mph
Range:    mi.
Service Ceiling:   
Powerplant:   Lycoming O-435
Year:   1949
Serial No.:   5
Registration:   N401A
Location:   Military Hangar

Gift from the Kaman Corporation

The K-225 served as a prototype for the HTK, the first Kaman helicopter to be evaluated by the U.S. Navy. Kaman was the only U.S. company to mass produce helicopters that incorporated the intermeshing rotor system, a design which eliminated the need for an anti-torque tail rotor. This is one of the first designs used both in military and civilian applications. One K-225 was later re-engined with a gas turbine to become the world's first turbine-engine powered helicopter.

The Museum's K-225 was the fifth Kaman helicopter produced and is the company's oldest surviving aircraft.

Mike Reynolds of Candor, NC, informed the Museum that this helicopter was once owned by Lattie “Jack” Reynolds who had a cropdusting business in Candor. Mr. Reynolds located the picture at the left of Jack operating this aircraft at The Rankin Museum of American Heritage in Ellerbe, NC.

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