Gyrodyne QH-50C “DASH”

Gyrodyne QH-50C “DASH” at the New England Air Museum


Type:   Ship-based anti-submarine warfare drone
Crew:   None
Armament:   2 X Mk44 or Mk 46 torpedoes
Length:   12' 11”
Height:   9' 8”
Rotor Diameter:   20'
Empty Weight:   1,154 lbs.
Gross Weight:   2,285 lbs.
Cruise Speed:   58 mph
Maximum Speed:   92 mph
Range:   82 mi.
Service Ceiling:   16,400'
Powerplant:   Boeing T50-BO-8A
Year:   1963
Serial No.:   1320
Location:   Storage Hangar

The QH-50C was the U.S. Navy's first “Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter” (DASH). It was the Navy's attempt to increase the useful life of the aging World War II destroyer fleet by increasing its kill potential against nuclear submarines, which could now outrun a destroyer while submerged. Many destroyers were modified to the DASH system in the course of their “Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization” programs. Although the system was successful, rocket-assisted homing torpedoes proved to be more so, especially in heavy seas.

The Gyrodyne Helicopter Historical Foundation provided the Museum the torpedoes and control devices used to fly the helicopter remotely.

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