Bell UH-1B 'Iroquois' (Huey)

Bell UH-1B 'Iroquois' (Huey) at the New England Air Museum


Crew:   1-4
First Flight:   
Length:   44' 10”
Height:   14' 7”
Rotor Diameter:   44'
Empty Weight:   4,369 lbs.
Gross Weight:   8,500 lbs. max take-off
Cruise Speed:   126 mph
Maximum Speed:   
Range:   260 mi.
Service Ceiling:   
Powerplant:   Avco Lycoming T-53-L-11
Armament:   7.62 mm machine guns, 2.75 in (70 mm) rocket pods
Year:   1962
Serial No.:   62-12550
Location:   Military Hangar

Courtesy of the United States Army Center of Military History

The “Iroquois” was more commonly known as the “Huey” as there were a series of the “HU” models which were subsequently re-designated “UH.&rldquo; Various military versions of this helicopter have been operational with more than 36 air forces around the world. Well over 16,000 have been produced.

The UH-1B served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and was the mainstay of Army Air Development Operations and served as a ground attack gunship. Other variants were used as transports, airborne medivac ambulances, search/rescue and as general utility aircraft.

The design first flew in 1956 and the aircraft has been produced under license in Japan, Italy and Germany. A pure gunship development of the Huey was the AH-1G “Cobra.&rdquo Civilian variants, models 204/205, 212 and 214 are in service today

This craft was used by the U.S. Air Force Forward Air Control (USAFFAC) stationed at Brookside Airport, McCordsville, IN.

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