Acknowledgements and Sources


Project Supervisor: Amanda Goodheart Parks, Ph.D., Director of Education, New England Air Museum
Project Researcher: Tianna Darling, University of Massachusetts Amherst Public History M.A. Candidate
Project Developer: Gary Gudinkas, Webmaster, New England Air Museum

NEAM: 60 Years, 60 Stories celebrates the New England Air Museum's 60th anniversary by drawing upon the oral histories, archival records, and special talents of many individuals. This project would not have been possible without the generous contributions of the following friends and supporters of the museum, so it is with tremendous gratitude that we thank them here.

David Amidon
Carl Cruff
George Diemer
Melba Griffen
Charles Horner
Nicholas Hurley
Kim Jones
O’Neil Langley
Shannon LaPoint
Stuart Latsha
Brent Leveille
David McChesney
Peter McConnell
Gould McIntyre
Thomas Morehouse
Roy Normen
Harry Newman
Thomas Palshaw
Thomas Pandolfi
Wanda Ramsay
Deborah J. Reed
Don Rethke
Igor H. Sikorsky Historical Archives
Igor Sikorsky Jr.
Michael Speciale
Robert Stangerone
Tom Stevenson
Carlton A. Stidsen
Robert Vozzola
Jim Watt


Oral histories of current and former NEAM employees, volunteers, board members, and supporters were the primary sources for this project. These oral histories were conducted during the summer and fall of 2020 and have been added to the New England Air Museum's archives as part of this project.

Additional project sources include:

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“Charles Kaman, Founder of Kaman Aircraft Corporation.” Kaman.

Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association Newsletter Collection. 1960-2020.

DeLuca, Richard. “Airborne Pioneers: Connecticut Takes Flight.” Connecticut History.

DeLuca, Richard. “Silas Brooks, Balloonist.” Connecticut History.

Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives. “Sikorsky Product History.”

Lapoint, Shannon. “Interpretive Manual of the New England Air Museum’s Aircraft Collection.” May, 2019.

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