John W. Ramsay Research Library, 1960

“Beginning in the year 2000 when I was a new volunteer in the Ramsay Research Library my first assignment was typing and filing thousands of catalog cards for the books in our collection into little wooden drawers. Today, those cards are in the trash.That information is now in a database instead of little wooden drawers. I have enjoyed being part of the big transition from hard copy to ethernet. I have never mourned my trusty Smith Corona and I have learned to embrace Windows and Word and I have never looked back. The excitement never ends in the library and I have enjoyed cataloging the 400 volumes in our Rare Book Collection, a designation assigned to a book of either 100 years of age or one that bears a signature by the author...My time spent with the other library volunteers has been lively and educational...I am proud to have been part of the dynamic growth of the NEAM library and I hope that it survives as an international resource of aeronautical information.”

- Melba Griffen, Library Volunteer

“I really believe the library is the ‘unknown jewel’ of the museum. It contains a wealth of aviation information from general aviation history to the paint scheme of a particular aircraft. We have requests from around the world for information on various aviation topics/aircrafts. Last year I had a good friend who works for Boeing visit the museum. He is very familiar with the Boeing museum and commented that ‘he would have never believed the content and quality’ of the items at NEAM until he had seen it for himself. I don't think I've ever spent an hour in the library where I haven't learned something new either from the files or the other library volunteers. It's really an unbelievable resource.”

- Brent Leveille, Library Volunteer

The New England Air Museum is proud to be home to the John W. Ramsay Research Library. Named for longtime library director Jack Ramsay, the library is home to thousands of books, tech manuals, artwork, and many other aviation related papers and artifacts. With an all-volunteer staff, the library works to preserve aviation history and share it with interested researchers.

The library started shortly after CAHA was established, and flourished under the direction of Jack Ramsay. Ramsay built the library into the respected institution it is today. Currently, the library operates with a core volunteer staff of six: David McChesney, Thomas Morehouse, Carl Stidsen, Melba Griffen, Brent Leveille, and Joe Frantiska. From library experience to computer expertise to "walking aviation encyclopedias," each member of the staff brings something invaluable to the library. The staff are working hard to make areas of the collection indexed and accessible online in the future.


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