Harvey Lippincott

“My favorite memory dates back to 1965 or so, when I visited NEAM (then called CAHA) for the first time. The Museum was then just a small fenced enclosure on the west side of Rt. 75, with an air-supported dome building inside and a few wet and rusty airplanes outside... There was no one around, but a telephone box was hanging on the chain link fence and a sign said that if I wanted to visit, to pick up the phone. So, I did. A person answered... He said he'd be over in a few minutes. Sure enough, an older (50 or so) gent showed up and graciously took me inside the Air Dome, where there was the Eastern FM-2, some models, some engine parts and the Chrysler XIV engine on display, all of which he explained in great detail and obvious pride.

...I (much) later found out that my Tour Guide that day was Harvey Lippincott, the Founder of CAHA and the Museum! He had skipped out of work on short notice to squire around some Nobody from out of state on a miserable, misty/rainy day. That showed the dedication he had for the Future of the Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association, later NEAM and the innate modesty of that fine Gentleman.”

- Carl Stidsen, NEAM Research Librarian

Harvey Lippincott was a founding member of the Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association. Lippincott's interest in aviation began as a child and continued throughout his life. As a technical representative for Pratt & Whitney, Lippincott travelled with the 57th Fighter Group during World War II, repairing and installing airplane engines. He worked as an engineer for Pratt & Whitney into the 1970s, and became the first archivist for United Technologies. Lippincott was one of the foremost experts on the history of aviation in New England. As a founding member, Lippincott worked extensively to build and preserve CAHA's collection, and was instrumental in the creation of exhibits such as the 57th Fighter Group WWII Memorial and the Igor Sikorsky Memorial Exhibit. The museum's Civil Aviation Hangar is named in his honor in gratitude for his commitment to CAHA.


CAHA Founding Member Igor Sikorsky Jr., NEAM Volunteer Thomas Palshaw, and former Operations Director Charles Horner talk about Harvey Lippincott and his contributions to the museum.

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