Storage Building, 1991

"As we began to move stuff from the ‘600’ buildings into the new storage building, someone had to step up and be the overall coordinator. As this was not a glamorous job, no one was interested. As an engineer, this filled my desire to organize things. Everything was stored on the floor or stacked on top of each other. It was decided to go three dimensional. Over the next 25 years we added heavy and light duty shelving to store our ‘jewelry and treasure.’ The more stuff we acquired, the more room we needed. Over the years, the term Saturday Crew became the name that we were referred to."

- Kim Jones, NEAM Board of Directors

As the museum acquired an increasingly larger collection, a new storage space was necessary. The new Storage Building was finished in 1991, and aircraft and artifacts were moved from the old World War II hangar "600" buildings. A small volunteer crew operates the building, providing restoration volunteers with parts they need for their projects. This dedicated crew knows where everything is in the building, down to the smallest screw.


Restoration Volunteer O'Neil Langley reflects on NEAM's Storage Building.

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