Restoration Hangar, 1989

“When I came on the board, our restoration building was one of the old World War II buildings that was located off Perimeter Road. It was in deplorable condition, so one of the first priorities was to build a restoration building so our volunteers could work under good working conditions.”

- Roy Normen, NEAM Board of Directors

In the early years of the Connecticut Aeronautical Historical Association, buildings were acquired from the airport to house and restore aircraft. These buildings were hangars that were in use during World War II and were still on the airport’s property. The buildings served the museum for a number of years, including the restoration facility located in Building 600. By the 1980s, however, it became apparent that this facility was no longer adequate for the restoration work being performed. Issues with heat and infrastructure made it clear that for the museum to continue its important restoration work, something would have to be done.

Under the direction of Michael Speciale, the Executive Director at the time, a new Restoration Hangar was designed and built on the New England Air Museum’s property. The 11,000 square foot hangar was the second building on the museum’s new site, after the main exhibit building was completed in 1981 (now the Civil Aviation Hangar). The new restoration facility was dedicated in 1989, and has allowed restoration volunteers to continue performing high quality restoration work ever since.


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