Open Cockpits

“We used to have them, I think, three times a year. It was actually a Saturday and a Sunday; it was a full weekend. It was exhausting but we did that, and they turned out to be doorbusters.”

- Michael Speciale, Former Executive Director

A unique aspect of the New England Air Museum is the ability to sit in the cockpit of several historic aircraft during your visit. NEAM is one of the only air museums that allows you to feel like you are flying a fighter plane in WWII, performing a rescue operation in a Coast Guard helicopter, or breaking the sound barrier in a Cold War era jet.

“Open Cockpit Tours” began on May 8, 1981. Throughout that summer, visitors had the opportunity to sit in nine different aircraft every Friday from 6pm until dusk.These tours were such a hit, they were revived soon after as full day events. Open Cockpit Days have continued at the museum for 39 years, offering visitors a connection with the collection they would not get elsewhere.


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