NEAM: 60 Years, 60 Stories Introduction

As you walk through the display hangars at the New England Air Museum, you get a great sense of aviation history and innovation. But that's only part of the story.

What's not readily apparent is the behind-the-scenes vision, passion, challenges, hardships, and commitment that ensures the collection will be there for future generations.

These incredibly detailed accounts by those involved, captured over the 60-year evolution of the New England Air Museum, tell the rest of the story. You'll not only read their words, but you'll hear their voices - past and present - in this unique blend of visuals, text, and recordings.

After experiencing NEAM: 60 Years, 60 Stories, your next visit to the museum will be a much richer experience with a greater appreciation for the efforts that went into the restoration and preservation of these remarkable flying machines that have changed our world in so many ways.

Robert Stangarone,
President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
New England Air Museum

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