Richard Windler

Dick Windler - July, 1943
Dick Windler - July, 1943
Recent Address: 1010 Thoreau Ct., Apt. 302, St. Louis,, MO 63146-5550
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Children: Michael, Anthony, Pamela, Timothy
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Date Entered Service: July 7, 1942
Service Number: A0670700
Bomb Group: 468th
Squadron: 793rd
Location of Unit: India, China, Tinian; July 1944 to August 45
Missions Flown: 35 - First to crash land a B-29 - Totin To Tokyo. Could not extend the right main landing gear at Kharagpur, India. I have sequence photos of the approach and landing. Plane was repaired and flew a mission 6 days later.
Hump Missions: Over 50 round trips over the Hump on 42-6333, Camel Caravan. Camel Caravan was a stripped down B-29 - no gun turrets, 6 bomb bay tanks, 100 gallons oil - total fuel on takeoff - 9000 gallons. Used 3000 to get to China. Dumped 3000 gallons. Kept 3000 gallons for return trip to India.
Targets: Anshan 7/29/44, Palembang 8/10/44, Yawata 8/20/44, Anshan 9/8/44, Singapore (lay mines) 1/25/45, Bangkok 2/7/45, Kuala Lumpur 2/19/45, Rangoon 3/17/45, Saigon 3/28/45. 55 round trips over the Hump. 27 in B-29s, 28 in C-109s. TINIAN ISLAND Kobe 5/11/45, Nagoya 5/14/45, Tokyo (daylight) 5/23/45, Tokyo (night at 10,000 ft.) 5/26/45. (Caught in the search lights for 11 1/2 minutes.), Yokohama 5/29/45, Osaka 6/1/45, Kobe 6/5/45, Osaka 6/7/45, Omuta 6/17/45, Tokohashi 6/19/45, Okayama 6/28/45, Kure 7/1/45. They put over 175 holes in our plane. My final mission (almost in more ways than one!!!) Total of 672 combat hours
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medals (5), Presidential Unit Citations (5)
Service Schools: Wings and Commission (Class 43A) Jan 1943
MOS: MOS 1092-Pilot B-24 (Instructor), MOS 1093-Pilot B-29 VHB (Aircraft/Bomb Commander)
Rank Upon Discharge: Captain
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-6333 Camel Caravan, 42-63356 Lassie, 42-6454 Totin' To Tokyo, 42-6370 Lethal Lady, 42-6232 Kickapoo II
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Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged: September, 1945
Post WWII Service: Recalled to Active Duty from Reserves 5/31-2/53 -- C-46s, Scott AFB. Back to SAC, March AFB, Riverside, CA. Sent to Albuquerque, NM for 28 days intensive (top secret) training with the Atom Bomb. Was then made Bomb Commander and qualified to carry the A-Bomb. Another 1000 hours plus in the B-29. Three months based in Lakenheath, England. My Commanding Officer at March was Colonel James Edmundson (as he was our CO in India).
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Thoughts About the 58th: As I have said, there were good times and there were bad times, but by far, there were many, many good times. Being able to see the world as we did could not be duplicated. I actually flew a B-29 around the world, and almost again when I was recalled -- USA to So. America to Africa to Arabia to India to China to Tinian to Johnson Island to Hawaii to California. And above all, none of my crew got a scratch with almost a 1000 hours of combat.
Comments: Mr. Windler passed away July 10, 2012 and is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis. MO.
Dick and Mickey Windler - July, 1943
Dick and Mickey Windler - July, 1943

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