Robert Wilson

Recent Address: 103 Turkey Creek Road, San Antonio, TX 78231-1238
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Parents: Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Wilson; Wife: Ruby; Children: Claudia, Charlotte
Hometown: Port St. Joe, FL
Date Entered Service: October 7, 1942
Service Number: 0718168/15556A
Bomb Group: 462nd
Squadron: 769th
Location of Unit: Piardoba, India
Missions Flown: 23
Hump Missions: Several
Targets: Formosa, Saigon, Singapore, Tokyo, Yokohama, Fuqua, Kobe, Osaka,others
Awards: Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters
Service Schools:
MOS: MOS 1035-Bombardier, MOS 2120-Administrative Officer
Rank Upon Discharge: Lt. Col.
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-24896 Mis-chief-mak-er
Where You a POW?:
POW Location:
Where You a Interned?:
Internment Location:
Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged:
Post WWII Service: Went on Crossroads Project from 58th Wing, then back to 58th Wing HQ in Fort Worth, Texas. It became HQ of 8th Air Force, part of SAC. Went to SAC HQ from there. Entered Korean War Training Program from there. Was stationed in Topeka, Kansas after that. Went to Wheelus Field, Tripoli, Libya for 2 1/2 years. Came back to ADC for two years, then to Minot, North Dakota, as Aircraft Maintenance Officer (after Maintenance School at Chanute AFB, Illinois). After that I went to Taiwan as Advisor on Aircraft Maintenance to Chinese AF (MAAG); then to SAC HQ as part of Maintenance Standardization Team. Retired in 1970.
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Thoughts About the 58th: One of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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