John P. Tobison

John P. Tobison, Tinian, 1945
John P. Tobison, Tinian, 1945
Recent Address: 830 N. Atlantic Ave., B-1004, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
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Family Info: Parents: R.P. and Maude; Wife: Margaret; Children: Steven, Mary, Calvin, Christine; Siblings: Roberta, Norman
Hometown: Fall River, WI
Date Entered Service: November 2, 1942
Service Number: 0826033/16152854
Bomb Group: 468th
Squadron: 793rd
Location of Unit: Tinian; Jun 1944
Missions Flown: 6 including POW flight and Power Display over Tokyo
Hump Missions:
Targets: Takarazuka
Awards: Air Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge
Service Schools: Aviation Cadet Jan 1943-Mar 1944
MOS: MOS 1093-Pilot B-29 VHB
Rank Upon Discharge: 1st Lt
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 44-70070 The 8 Ball (after assignment to 9th BG)
Where You a POW?:
POW Location:
Where You a Interned?:
Internment Location:
Date Transferred from the 58th: October, 1945
Date Discharged: August 20, 1946
Post WWII Service:
I was recalled to active duty on Sept. 3, 1951, for 19 months and released Feb. 28, 1953. I served the entire time at Randolph Field first being trained as a B-29 Aircraft Commander for Korean conflict. I was a ground school instructor for 12 months.
On May 14th 1946, Lt. Robison set a world record by carrying a 5,000 kilogram (5.5 tons) payload to an altitude of 13,793 meters (45,252 feet).
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): I taught country school one year 1946-47 then attended college from 1947 until July 1951 receiving a BS and MS degree. I was a farmer in Wisconsin from 1953 until retiring in 1984.
Thoughts About the 58th:
I was assigned to the 58th Bomb Wing in June 1945 until October 1945. I flew 6 missions over Japan landing twice on Iwo Jima. My first mission over the Takarazuka aircraft plant on July 24, 1945, resulted in 3 men injured, #3 & #4 engines feathered, 44 holes in airplane and landing at Iwo Jima with a totaled aircraft. The 58th Bomb Wing was a strong unit with the 468th BG a leader. Col. James Edmundson as C.O. and Major James Pattillo as Operations Officer gave great leadership.
I was assigned to the 9th BG in October 1945 and moved to Clark Field, Philippine Islands, when Tinian was closed.
Comments: Mr. Tobison passed away December 14, 2006 and is buried at Hillside Cemetery, Columbus, WI.
Crew of the Flying 8 Ball
Crew of the Flying 8 Ball
John Tobison, 1997
John Tobison, 1997

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