Edward Allen Shiver

Recent Address: Marietta, GA
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Parents: Edward and Elizabeth; Wife: Genevieve; Children: Peggy, Ed, Ginny
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Date Entered Service: March 30, 1942
Service Number: 14094692
Bomb Group: 468th
Squadron: 793rd
Location of Unit: Salina, KS
Missions Flown:
Hump Missions:
Service Schools:
MOS: Central Fire Control
Rank Upon Discharge: Staff Sergeant
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-6229 and others
Where You a POW?:
POW Location:
Where You a Interned?:
Internment Location:
Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged:
Post WWII Service:
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): Mr. Shiver's career was principally in the insurance industry. In 1975 he was asked to go to Tallahassee, FL and help create and manage the Florida Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association, which he managed until his retirement. While in Tallahassee he was a member of The Economics Club, Tiger Bay Club, Governor's Club, Killearn Country Club, and Killearn United Methodist Church. His hobbies were traveling, golf and bridge.
Thoughts About the 58th:
On June 15 1944, the men of the 468th were at Pengshan awaiting information concerning their target. It was to be the Imperial Steel and Iron Works at Yawata on the Island of Kyushu, one of the main islands of Japan. B-29 serial 42-6229, the fifteenth plane to take off, and piloted by Capt. Hughes failed to clear the runway and crashed in a rice paddy a short distance off the south end of the runway, bursting into flames immediately after the left wing struck the ground and broke off. All eleven members of the Crew succeeded in getting away from the burning plane before the gas tanks and the bombs exploded.
As the ship was immediately enveloped in flames, ammunition cooked off and the bombs exploded. Some members of the Crew suffered minor burns and cuts but there were no serious consequences from their experience. It was most certainly a miracle that every member of his Crew got out safely with only minor scratches, burns and shock. Capt. “Doc” Mitchell was right in there with the ambulance and came out as the rest, covered with mud and drenched from head to foot from lying in the rice paddies.
Comments: Mr. Shiver passed away January 2, 2012.

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