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Jim Pattillo, West Field, Tinian, 1945
Jim Pattillo, West Field, Tinian, 1945
Recent Address: 1143 Glenview Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93108-2001
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Family Info: Parents: George and Lula; Wife: Helen; Children: James G., Sam; Siblings: Thomas Yoakum (half-brother), J. Hamilton, Elizabeth, George, Catherine, Sam
Hometown: Denison, TX
Date Entered Service: Oct 12, 1940
Service Number: O-420937/ AO-46269
Bomb Group: 468th Bomb Group/ 9th Bomb Gp./ 313th Bomb Wing, North Field, Tinian, TDY
Squadron: 792nd/ 793rd Bomb Squadron
Location of Unit: Smoky Hill AAF, Salina, KS; Sep 15, 1943
Missions Flown: 27 combat missions and flyover of USS Missouri on Sept. 2, 1945
Hump Missions: 20 missions: 8 in B-29, 12 in C-109. 6/7/44 my crew bailed-out of 42-6271 while hauling fuel to China; no mission credit
1. Yawata 8/20/44, (with 792nd Sq.) 2 -11. Sep. 1944 my crew on Temporary Duty with C-109 Provisional Unit (Kaliakundi); flew 96.25 hours hauling fuel to Pengshan, China for which 10 Combat Mission credits were awarded. 10/1/44 transferred to 793rd Sq and assigned as Commanding Officer, Forward Echelon of 468th Gp., Pengshan, China. 12. Okayama 10/14/44, 13. Singapore 2/1/45, 14. Rangoon 2/11/45, 15. Kuala Lumpur 2/19/45, 16. Singapore 2/24/45, 17. Singapore 3/2/45, FROM NORTH FIELD, TINIAN (flying with 9th Grp.) 18. Omura Naval Base 3/30/45, 19. Tokyo Arsenal 4/13/45, 20. Tokyo Kawasaki 4/14/45, 21. Miyazaki 5/10/45, FROM WEST FIELD, TINIAN (flying with 468th Gp.) 22. Nagoya 5/14/45, 23. Nagoya 5/16/45, 24. Tomioko 6/10/45, 25. Takamatsu 7/3/45*, 26. Takarazuka 7/24/45*, 27. Tokyo 9/2/45.
As Squadron Operations Officer checking out new crews.
Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star Medal Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, American Defense Service Medal, Air Force Longevity Service Award with 4 Bronze Oak Leaf Clusters, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, WWII Victory Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon.
CAMPAIGNS: China Campaign, India-Burma Campaign, Air Offensive Japan, Palembang, Sumatra Air Offensive, Central Burma Campaign, Western Pacific Campaign, Eastern Mandates.
Service Schools: Advanced Flying School, Brooks Field, TX graduated May 29, 1941; 4-eng. Flying Ins. Sch. (B-17) Hendricks Fld, FL Nov 1942; 4-eng. Flying Ins. Sch. (B-24) Smyrna AAF, TN Apr 1943
MOS: MOS 1093-Pilot B-29 VHB
Rank Upon Discharge: Colonel
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-6271 Hellin' Helen, 42-24446 (unnamed), 42-6370 Lethal Lady, 42-24487 Bengal Lancer, 42-24892 Li'l Yutz
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Date Transferred from the 58th: February 10, 1946
Date Discharged: January 31, 1966
Post WWII Service: Separated from service at Ft. Douglas, UT on February 10, 1946; returned to Active Duty on 4/24/47 at Carswell Army Air Field, TX; I retired as Colonel on 1/31/66 after 24 years active duty. After returning to active duty in 1947, I was: Chief, Operations Section, A-3 Division, Hq. 8th Air Force (Carswell Field, TX) from 4/24/47 to 11/30/48. Assistant USAF Plant Rep. Boeing-Seattle from 1/30/48 to 8/15/51. USAF Plant Rep., Grand Central Aircraft Co., Tucson, AZ from 8/14/51 to 5/1/54. F-86 Project Officer, Rome Procurement Field Office, Rome, Italy from 5/1/54 to 12/31/55. Deputy Dir. Of Procurement, Central Air Material Area (Europe), Chateauroux, France from 1/1/56 to 12/31/56. Student, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA from 1/1/57 to 7/1/57. Inspector, Procurement Div., Hq. USAF, Norton AF Base, CA from 7/1/57 to 7/1/60. Project Officer, Directorate of Materiel Programming, Hq. USAF, from 7/1/60 to 6/30/61. Chief, Contract Administration Branch, Procurement Directorate, Hq. USAF from 7/1/61 to 7/1/64. Auditor General Representative, Space Systems Division, Los Angeles AF Station, CA from 7/1/64 to 1/31/66. (Retired Jan.31, 1966)
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Worked one year as Municipal Bond Buyer in 1946-47. Attended George Washington University Law School at night while stationed in the Pentagon (1960-64). Transferred to California while still in USAF and took California Bar Exam. On January 31, 1966, I retired from USAF and next day became Deputy District Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA. Nine months later, the District Attorney was about to retire, so I left the District Attorney's office and practiced law, as sole practitioner, in a Santa Barbara suburb (Carpinteria) for three year's General Practice. Then moved to Santa Barbara and formed partnership with two others. In 1967 I became a part-time Municipal Court Judge (called a Justice Court Judge in California) and in January 1982 became Municipal Court Judge, from which I retired October 31, 1986, with 19 years as a trial court judge. Since then I've smelled the roses!
Aeronautical Ratings: Pilot, 7/23/41, Personnel Order 171, Par. 20, OCAC Senior Pilot, Personnel Order 103, Hq. USAF, 6/1/48 Command Pilot, Hq. Central Air Material Area, Europe, 6/5/56
Thoughts About the 58th: Being part of the 58th Bomb Wing gave young Americans a chance to enjoy serving their country because its young, bright, resourceful leaders looked after our welfare while keeping us busy. February 8, 1942, the Japanese shot down my next older brother's B-17 crew and machine-gunned any who managed to bail out, and I joined the 58th Bomb Wing with a score to settle. Being part of the 58th Bomb Wing was an opportunity because we operated the biggest, most effective bomber then existing, which enabled us to do the enemy the greatest possible harm. Thanks to our leadership it proved to be a most satisfying experience. As General LeMay said before the 58th moved from India to the Marianas Islands, “Wait until the 58th gets here.”
It was very satisfying to go war with volunteers in an airplane expected to do great harm to the enemy. Even if there was risk, 58th Wing had exceptional leaders who made the most of those they led with whatever equipment was provided. This was the most satisfying experience of my life because, more than any other country or people, America represents that which is good, just, and right.
Our dear and good friend, Jim Pattillo, passed away December 19, 2015.
Jim and Helen Pattillo
Jim and Helen Pattillo

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