Walter E. Huss

Walter Huss - 1944
Walter Huss - 1944
Recent Address: 367 Brookhaven Court, Sebastopol, CA 95472
E-mail Address: Jackie Hallerberg -
Family Info: Parents: Floyd and Alma; Wife: Eleanor; Children: Jacalyn, Sherry
Hometown: Fremont, OH
Date Entered Service: December 26, 1942
Service Number: 35538620
Bomb Group: 462nd
Squadron: 770th
Location of Unit: Piardoba, India September 1944
Missions Flown: 4
Hump Missions: 2
Targets: Omura, Singapore, Mukden, one mission no record
Awards: Purple Heart, Air Medal, American Theater Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Theater Ribbon with 4 Bronze Stars, WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge with 1 Bronze Cluster
Service Schools: Aviation Mechanic - Lincoln, NE Feb-May 1943; Elec. Specialist - Chanute Field, IN Jun-Sep 1943; Boeing B-29 School Oct-Nov 1943
MOS: Gunner
Rank Upon Discharge: Staff Sergeant
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-6299 Humpin' Honey -- rammed down 12/7/44 near Mukden -- two survivors --S/Sgt Ken Beckwith and S/Sgt Walter Huss
Where You a POW?: Yes
POW Location: Mukden, Manchuria
Where You a Interned?: Yes
Internment Location: Mukden, Manchuria
Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged: June 6, 1946
Post WWII Service: Returned to USA on 9/20/45, Hamilton Field, CA. In hospital Presidio -- San Francisco, Crite Hospital -- Cleveland, AF Hospital -- Coral Gables, FL, 104 day POW leave -- two week's leave with father and mother Miami Beach, FL -- courtesy of AF all expenses paid during this 104 day leave.
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): Power Plant Engineer -- General Motors, Elyria, OH -- 36 years
Thoughts About the 58th:
A memorable experience! Left in our plane from Morrison Field, FL and returned to USA Hamilton Field, CA. -- round-the-world trip! Being rammed down and the loss of 9 fellow crew members was a traumatic and devastating happening. A guilt feeling over our Flight Engineer having twin sons born 13 days after he left for overseas. (K.I.A.) The twins are both Doctors! Made many great friends. The internet has made it possible to meet and learn many things about my other friends' experiences. Things I would never have known without the internet.
My father was a WWI overseas Army veteran, so my service has an extra special meaning to me. I AM PROUD AND HONORED TO HAVE BEEN IN THE 58TH BOMB WING.
On the 12/7/44 mission to Mukden, Manchuria, a B-29 accidentally dropped bombs on a P.O.W. camp of 1600 men causing numerous injuries, killing 17.
My parents were notified two days before Christmas 1944 that I was M.I.A. On 12/26/44 they received a letter from B/G Norstad, on 12/27/44 a letter from Major Randolph Sq. Com., 12/27/44 a letter from M/G Ulio, 12/27/44 letter from Chaplain Nelson, on 1/25/45 a letter from M/C LeMay, 2/15/45 a letter from Maj. Randolph, 3/26/45 a letter from Maj. M/G Ulio, 6/29/45 a letter from M/G Ulio, 11/2/45 a letter from White House and President Truman, also a letter not dated from Maj. Bradumus - Personal Affairs. I'm deeply appreciative for all these letters. My folks were never informed I was a P.O.W. On 8/28/45 received a telegram from Edward Witsell, Acting Adj. General of Army that I was alive.
On 9/12/45 six hundred POWs were put on Army transport ship #P.A.145, U.S.S. Culbert headed for Okinawa. On 9/16/45 hit mine, killed 3 sailors, knocked engine room out, during a typhoon, dead in water, finally tugged into Okinawa on 9/18/45. What a journey! On 9/28/45 finally arrived in good old U.S.A., Hamilton Field, CA!
Mr. Huss passed away June 16, 2014 and is buried at Santa Rosa Memorial Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

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