George Easton Brown

Recent Address: 375 River Meadow Drive, Alpine, UT 84004
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Parents: Eben Ray and Marie; Wife: Mildred; Children: George and Susan
Hometown: Pleasant Grove, UT
Date Entered Service:
Service Number: 19073392
Bomb Group: 462nd
Squadron: 769th
Location of Unit:
Missions Flown:
Hump Missions: Base located in Piardoba, India so flew several Hump missions.
Targets: Burma, Thailand, Manchuria, etc. Many targets. Plane hit by thermite shell and went down while on mission to Mukden, Manchuria.
Service Schools:
Rank Upon Discharge: S/Sgt
Crew Type: Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name: 42-24505 Wild Hair
Where You a POW?: Yes
POW Location: Mukden, Manchuria
Where You a Interned?: Yes
Internment Location: Camp Hoten, Mukden, Manchuria
Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged: April, 1946
Post WWII Service: Was instrumental in establishing the 1457th Engineer Unit of the National Guard located in American Fork, Utah, in 1949. He coordinated efforts for the building of the Armory. Served in the National Guard for 30 years.
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): Executive Secretary of the American Fork Chamber of Commerce, 1946; Postmaster of American Fork, Utah, 1952-1978.
Thoughts About the 58th: George Easton Brown participated in studies done at Brigham Young University concerning his wartime service and his POW experiences. In personal written accounts, he expressed his love of America and gratitude that he was able to serve in the Army/Air Force in World War II. He appreciated serving with the great men of his B-29 crew and fellow POW's.
Comments: Mr. Brown passed away April 4, 1994 and is buried at American Fork Cemetery, American Fork, UT.

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