Clarence A. Brown

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Hometown: Niles, MI
Date Entered Service: December 26, 1941
Service Number: 16043401
Bomb Group: 40th
Squadron: 45th
Location of Unit: China (1943)
Missions Flown:
Hump Missions: 1 round trip
Awards: India-Burma Air Offensive, China Central Burma Air Combat, Good Conduct Medal, Distinguished Unit Citation
Service Schools: Airplane Mechanic--Chanute Field, Rantoul, IL May 1942; Boeing Flying Fortress B-17F Aug 1942; Boeing Superfortress B-29 Jul 1943
MOS: MOS 747-Airplane and Engine Mechanic
Rank Upon Discharge: S/Sgt
Crew Type: Ground crew
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Date Discharged: October 13, 1945
Post WWII Service:
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): Carpenter and contracting work
Thoughts About the 58th: I met some good guys and some bad guys but is not that what life is all about. I learned a good deal about my trade from what I learned in the service, although I had a mechanical background before I entered the service.
Comments: After finishing B29 school at Boeing in Seattle I was detached from a unit in Arizona or New Mexico and sent to Marietta, Georgia. Attached to the 58th Bomb Wing and assigned to A4 under Col. Gavin (one of the finest officers I ever served under). Col. Gavin eventually left and a Major Shanks took command. The Wing left Marietta to go to Salina, Kansas and several men, an officer and I where left behind to modify engines. The officer in charge came to me and said they wanted me in Salina and did I want to go? I knew what Major Shanks wanted me for and I said I did not want to go. The officer said that was good because he wanted to keep me there. I was in charge of a crew and doing a good job and he wanted to keep me. When we finished he wanted to send me to the outfit I was detached from with a recommendation for crew chief. A couple days later he informed me that I was to fly out to Salina by commercial aircraft immediately. I stayed in the 58th Wing until we went to China where I asked for a transfer to 40th Bomb Group 45th Squadron.
Mr. Brown passed away October 10, 2003 and is buried at Ft. Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, MI.

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