Peter J. Annony, Sr.

Recent Address: 223 High St., Geneva, NY 14456-2242
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Parents: Sabatino and Anna
Hometown: Geneva, NY
Date Entered Service: December 2, 1942
Service Number: 32584301
Bomb Group: 462nd
Location of Unit: Aiken, SC (January, 1943)
Missions Flown:
Hump Missions:
Awards: American Service Medal, Asiatic Pacific Medal, China-Burma-India, WWII Victory Medal, Good Conduct Medal
Service Schools: Fort Logan - Denver, CO Jan 1943
MOS: AOCP Section Sergeant
Rank Upon Discharge: Sgt
Crew Type: Ground crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:
Where You a POW?:
POW Location:
Where You a Interned?:
Internment Location:
Date Transferred from the 58th:
Date Discharged: January 1, 1946
Post WWII Service:
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): U.S. Postal Service 30 years
Thoughts About the 58th: Served in Kharagpur (Bengal Province) India also in Piardoba, India and Tinian Island (Marianas) with the original 58th Wing.
Comments: On September 2, 1945, due to the fact that I WAS THE Sergeant in charge of A.O.C.P. (Aircraft out-of-commission ) and had worked hard with my group to make sure that planes on mission were always ready. Captain Hildebrandt of Atlanta, Georgia, asked me if I would like to join the crew of one of the planes that were flying over the U..S.S. Missouri on VJ Day. I volunteered and we flew over the Missouri. Three tiers of planes to impress the Japs. We flew at a low level of 1,000 feet and could easily see the different officers and the different colored uniforms. At the briefing we were to assemble near Fujiama and fly over Tokyo Bay and the U.S.S. Missouri three times, but after the first time our #3 engine started burning so we left the Armada and climbed up to 20,000 feet feathering the opposite engine -- running on two. The fire let up and we proceeded to Tinian Island with strong head winds confronting us. Our gas was getting low according to the Navigator aboard so we were ready to bail out in case of necessity but we made it back to Tinian with very little gasoline left.
By the way, The Enola Gay with Paul Tibbets was on our field before they dropped the Atomic Bomb, but we didn't know anything about it at that time.
Incidentally, there were pamphlets dropped on Hiroshima and the population was informed and mad a chance to leave. The pamphlets were dropped in time for them to get out before the bomb was dropped. The pamphlet didn't actually tell them it was an ATOMIC bomb to be dropped but that something tragic was to take place. I feel the pamphlet (in Japanese) is the pamphlet I kept and own.
Mr. Annony passed away November 17, 2006.
Peter J. Annony, 1960
Peter J. Annony, 1960

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