Louis Peter Abate

Louis Abate, WWII
Louis Abate, WWII
Recent Address: 11 Glen Haven Road, East Haven, CT 06513
E-mail Address:
Family Info: Parents: Louis and Elizabeth, Brother: Alfred. Wife: Joyce; Children: Robert, Allan, and Joan.
Hometown: New Haven, CT
Date Entered Service: August 10, 1943
Service Number: 31337523
Bomb Group: 468th
Squadron: 792nd
Location of Unit: Ft. Myers. FL - McDill
Missions Flown: 7
Hump Missions:
Targets: Takamatsu, Sendai, Namazu, Takarazuka, Aomori, Hachiogi, Hikari, Ahashi, Alor Star
Awards: Air Combat
Service Schools: Airplane Engine Mechanic, Nov., 1943; Airplane Electrical Mechanic, Feb. 1944
MOS: MOS 737-Flight Engineer VHB, MOS 611-Aerial Gunner
Rank Upon Discharge: S/Sgt
Crew Type: Flight Crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:
Where You a POW?:
POW Location:
Where You a Interned?:
Internment Location:
Date Transferred from the 58th: December, 1945
Date Discharged:
Post WWII Service: None
Post WWII Civilian Occupation(s): Military aircraft conversion to civilian use, auto mechanic, carpenter, office furniture restoration and repair.
Thoughts About the 58th: It taught me to respect life and my fellow man a lot more. Sometimes you must do things that are repugnant to you, such as the bombing of Japan, but you cannot stand by and let the bombing of Pearl Harbor and other atrocities go unpunished. The price of freedom and our way of life doesn't come cheap. It taught me to take life one day at a time and enjoy my family and friends and do what I can to help them the best I can.
Comments: Mr. Abate passed away on November 3, 2010 and is buried at All Saints Cemetery in North Haven, CT.
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