DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 2nd quarter of 2018 by crew member Carl Cruff.

With the completion and installation of the control surface gust lock warning flags, all restoration activity is focused on various interior compartments.

Work will continue on the following areas during the 3rd Quarter. A comprehensive lighting scheme using new LED lights has been developed which utilizes the existing flight attendant call box station. It is anticipated that a plan will soon be finalized for the main passenger compartment, especially the number and style of passenger seats.


Work continues on the cleaning and repair of several bulkhead areas. The cockpit has many small storage compartments which are being cleaned, repainted, and relabeled.

Hydraulic compartment

The previously removed and cleaned wall and floor panels have been reinstalled. Most of the tubing and control components have been cleaned or repainted and reassembled waiting for reinstallation into the compartment directly aft of the co-pilot position.

Forward cargo bays

The interior sheet metal panels have been removed for replacement or repainting while the main bulkhead walls are being stripped of miscellaneous hardware and existing paint.

Aft Lavatory

The door, wall and floor panels, and all miscellaneous hardware have been removed. The bulkhead wall partitions have been stripped and prepared for painting or coverings. A new toilet fixture has been fabricated using period correct reference photographs.

Aft cargo bay

All wall and floor panels have been removed and refurbished. These panels and the existing bulkhead walls are now ready for painting. New vent grates and light fixtures have been fabricated.

Co-pilot bulkhead restoration
“Spare bulbs” compartment above co-pilot seat
Hydraulic manifolds restoration
Hydraulic compartment re-installation started
Left side forward cargo bay paint removal and surface prep
Lavatory wall and floor renovation underway
Toilet fixture fabrication nears completion
Aft cargo compartment ready for painting
Close-up of aft cargo compartment bulkhead
Elevator and rudder gust lock warning flags

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