DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 1st quarter of 2018 by crew member Carl Cruff.

Exterior / Interior

With the exception of localized aluminum fuselage skin re-polishing to address specific cosmetic concerns, all exterior restoration work is now complete. The final items finished this Quarter include:

  • Completion of a right wing aluminum skin patch repair
  • Application of period correct Hamilton Standard propeller stickers
  • Installation of the left and right wing leading edge anti-icing boots (simulated)
  • Attachment of all wing access port covers

The restoration team activities are now focused on several interior compartments. The rear cargo compartment sheet metal wall panels have been removed for reconditioning and/or replacement while the forward and aft bulkhead partitions are being stripped and cleaned prior to re-painting. The hydraulic system contained within the forward crew compartment has been disassembled allowing the removal and cleaning of the wall and floor panels. Cockpit interior work continues with the repair of the fixed and moveable window panels/gaskets and the stripping and cleaning of the co-pilot's bulkhead. These compartment renovations will continue during the 2nd Quarter as well as the initiation of the lavatory refurbishment.

Completed right wing aluminum skin patch repair
Hamilton Standard propeller stickers
Close-up of Hamilton Standard propeller sticker
Overview of left and right wing leading edge anti-icing boots
Right wing leading edge anti-icing boot
Close-up view of right wing anti-ice boot with retainer strips
Rear cargo compartment interior restoration underway
Close-up view of interior rear cargo compartment
Forward crew compartment hydraulic system restoration underway

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