DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 4th quarter of 2017 by crew member Carl Cruff.

Exterior / Interior

Work continues on the installation of the ancillary hardware to complete the exterior restoration work for the DC-3. This work is being performed in the NEAM's Civil Hangar during normal weekday hours resulting in numerous encouraging and favorable Museum guest dialogues with the restoration team. The following items are now complete:

  • the installation of the port and starboard navigation lights, and the tail cone lights
  • the installation of the right (spot) and left (flood) landing lights
  • the application of the wing aircraft registration number (NC44792) and Eastern Airlines "EAL" lettering
  • the installation of the four underbody split flaps
  • the installation of the horizontal stabilizer leading edge simulated anti-icing boot
  • the fabrication and installation of elevator, rudder, and aileron control surface gust locks

Steady progress continues on the cockpit interior with the removal, cleaning, painting, and reinstallation of several instrument mounting brackets, the application of new instrument panel gage lettering, and the painting of the pilot's side cargo divider wall. A through-wall corrosion site on the right wing trailing edge is being prepared for a patch installation.

Areas of concentration for the 1st Quarter of 2018 include the fabrication and installation of the left and right wing leading edge anti-icing boots, the rear cargo compartment interior, the passenger entry retractable stairway, and development of a restoration plan for the passenger compartment.

Left wing navigation light
Tail cone lights
Left wing landing flood light
Right wing aircraft registration number marking
Under body split flaps
Horizontal stabilizer simulated anti-icing boot
Left wing aileron control surface gust lock
In-process wing skin patch repair
In-process cockpit renovations

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