DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 3rd quarter of 2017 by crew member Carl Cruff.

Exterior / Interior

The Eastern Airlines livery scheme painting is now finished thanks to the continued financial support for the DC-3 restoration project by the John G. Martin Foundation in West Hartford, CT. With the Foundation's assistance, Creative Dimensions, Inc. in Cheshire, CT was contracted to hand paint the intricate Eastern Airlines 1940's lettering and logo motifs on the aircraft fuselage --- thanks to Paul from Design Brilliance LLC and DeWayne from DOA Flatliners for your skill and steady handiwork. The rudder, aileron, and elevator control surfaces painting were completed by the NEAM restoration painting team with the reinstallation of these units delayed until the repositioning of the aircraft fuselage back into the NEAM civilian hangar. A major rearrangement of the existing Civil Hangar aircraft was complete by mid-August allowing the DC-3 fuselage to return to this hangar after an absence of 39 months. Reassembly activity was accelerated to ensure the completion of the wings, propellers, and aileron and elevator control surfaces installation prior to the NEAM's rededication ceremony on 9/13. Work continues to complete the attachment of the four split flaps, the application of wing lettering, wing tip and landing lights installation, and application of simulated wing and horizontal stabilizer de-icing boots.

Work continued on the aircraft interior although at a slower pace to allow prioritization of the aforementioned exterior aircraft activities. The forward cockpit/storage area renovation is making good progress and decisions on the restoration of the passenger compartment, galley, and rest room will be formalized by the 1st Quarter of 2018.

Special acknowledgement and thanks are extended to Mark Holby, 2011-2016 restoration crew chief, for his tireless research and project leadership efforts. Mark is limiting his future DC-3 involvement efforts to enjoy grandchildren, camping, and other related retirement adventures.

Eastern Airlines fuselage doorway letter painting
Eastern Airlines fuselage logo painting
Completed Eastern Airlines logo
Completed Eastern Airlines upper fuselage lettering
DC-3 fuselage returns to the Civil Hangar
Completed wing, propeller, and control surfaces installation
Cockpit restoration underway

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