DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 2nd quarter of 2017 by crew member Carl Cruff.

The Eastern Airlines livery color painting is underway with the detailed masking of the engine cowlings, rudder, and fuselage surfaces. EAL livery designs have been researched from period photographs and meticulously transferred to the NEAM DC-3 with masking tape. Surfaces to be painted were hand roughened to a matte finish and then solvent cleaned for good paint adhesion. Plastic sheeting was cut and overlaid onto the non-painted areas to protect the polished aluminum skin surfaces. A base white primer coating was applied to the prepared surfaces after which blue topcoat paint was applied to match the EAL color scheme.

The main landing gear assemblies and tire hubs have completed restoration and painting. The tail wheel assembly and fuselage cavity have been cleaned, flaking paint removed, and rough sanded in preparation for paint refurbishment. The forward radio antennae wires, mounting posts, and pitot- static tube connections have completed restoration and reinstallation. Cockpit repainting and repair of the pilot escape hatch, and instrumentation panel are making good progress.

Right fuselage accent stripe - white base primer paint application
Right fuselage accent stripe - blue paint application
Right fuselage cockpit logo area - white base primer paint application
Right fuselage cockpit logo area and engine cowling stripe - blue paint application
Rudder trim tab accent stripe - blue paint application
Main Landing Gear paint renovation complete
Tail Wheel surface preparation complete
Radio Antennae / Pitot - static tube restoration complete
Cockpit restoration ongoing

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