DC-3 Restoration Activity

DC-3 Restoration activity update for the 2nd quarter of 2015 by crew member Carl Cruff.


In mid-April, the left wing was returned to the storage building from the restoration building and the topside wing aluminum skin polishing was completed; all left wing surfaces are now polished. This wing is in storage and the right wing skin polishing has started. The restoration team has also restarted the main fuselage polishing with continuing good results and 80% of the fuselage is now finished. Fuselage polishing progress is more time consuming as the contours and elevations of the aircraft surfaces require the use of various portable scaffolds, stairways, and access platforms.

Right wing polishing started
Aircraft fuselage polishing progress - left side
Aircraft fuselage polishing progress - right side
Right side fuselage polishing - close-up of cockpit nose area


Interior fuselage renovation activity has restarted in the main cabin and cockpit sections. The main cabin is being prepared for new lighting and sound systems with ceiling and sub-floor wiring. DNR Laboratories located at 76 Westbury Park Road in Watertown, CT (Mr. Don Gamsjager and Mr. Ian Sieller) are graciously donating their time, materials, and expertise to assist with the reactivation of the intercom system and Flight Attendant call station messages. Additionally, the team is exploring the potential to introduce authentic engine startup, aircraft taxing, and takeoff sounds into the main cabin area. When completed, visitors will be able to share in the sounds experienced by DC-3 passengers as they prepared for their domestic flights with the power provided by the two Wright Aeronautical R-1820 Cyclone 9 radial engines.

The disassembly and removal of the pilot and co-pilot seats and support frames is underway, and the existing cockpit sound installation material will be removed and replaced. Decisions on the extent of the cockpit renovation will be made during the remainder of 2015.

Main Cabin interior restoration underway
Cockpit interior restoration started


Mr. Brian Dilorenzo and Mr. Brendan Kane have joined the restoration team and have started work on the propeller hub and blade system. Ms. Johanna Eder and Ms. Anna Eder are engineering students and have joined the New England Air Museum team as summer interns from Germany-they will be assisting the DC-3 team as part of their learning experience. Mr. Robert Moore, a sophomore student from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, has joined the DC-3 team as a summer volunteer. Welcome aboard and thanks for your help.

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