Sergent Haviland in relaxed mood with “Whiskey” at Cachy.

Didier Masson, Willis Haviland, and Raoul Lufbery at Cachy.

When the squadron was in Paris on its way from Luxeuil to Cachy in the Somme sector, Willis Haviland, Frederick Prince, and Robert Soubiran joined the squadron.

At Cachy, the Escadrille was assigned to Groupe de Combat 13 under Major Fequant, and it remained part of the 13th for the remainder of its duty with the French Air Service.

The weather was foul, and rain, fog, snow and mud were the prevailing conditions. From mid-November to mid-January, only 12 days were suitable for flying.

During November in response to German diplomatic protests, the squadron’s name was changed from Escadrilles des Americaines to Escadrille de Volontaires. Then in December, it was renamed L’Escadrille Lafayette.

While at Cachy, Edmond Genet, Ronald Hoskier, and Edwin Parsons joined the squadron.

Sergent Robert Soubiran and his mechanics in front of his Nieuport at Cachy, While at Cachy, the first SPAD’s began arriving.

Paul Pavelka and Ronald Hoskier at Cachy with “Fram” in the foreground.