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Leonard Dallas


Leonard Dallas, WWII


Recent Address:

232 Schaefer Rd., Converse Rd., TX 78109



Family Information:

Wife: Dorothy


East Liverpool, OH

Date Entered Service:

November 6, 1942

Service Number:


Bomb Group:

444th, 313th Wing/9th Bomb Group/99th Squadron



Location of Unit:

Tinian, Marianas (June, 1945)

Missions Flown:

8 plus 2 POW camp food drops.

Hump Missions Flown:



Sendai- 7/10/45 - 16,275 lbs. bombs/ refuel Iwo / 1 Jap fighter. Utsonomiya 7/13/45 - 12,740 lbs. incendiaries / night raid. Fukui 7/20/45 - 12,930 lbs. / 184 incendiaries / night raid. Osaka 7/24/45 - 12,000 lbs. / 3 demolition bombs / day strike / refuel Iwo Jima. Tsu 7/29/45 - 20,600 lbs. / 40 incendiaries / night raid. Hachiogi 8/1/45 - 18,600 lbs. / 40 M-17 bombs / night raid. Imabari 8/6/45 - 16,800 lbs. / 40 E-46 bombs / night raid. Yawata 8/8/45 - 12,555 lbs. / 27 M-17 bombs / day raid / 3 Jap fighters. 1st Fukuoka POW Camp 8/30/45 - 5000 lbs. supplies/day mission/refuel Iwo Jima. 2nd Fukuoka POW Camp 9/8/45 - 5000 lbs. supplies/day mission/ Iwo Jima to POW camp. Total: 122,500 lbs. bombs / 8 missions. 10,000 lbs. supplies / 2 POW camp missions.


Air Medal,Air Force Commendation Medal with 3 clusters,Presidential Unit Citation,Outstanding Unit Citation,Good Conduct Medal,American Campaign Medal,Air Offensive Japan,Western Pacific Campaign,Asiatic-Pacific Campaign,WWII Victory Medal,National Defense Service Medal,Longevity Service Award with Silver Cluster,Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Hourglass,Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon

Service Schools Attended:

Aerial Gunnery/Laredo, TX - Jan 1943. Link Trainer Instructor School/Salt Lake City, UT - Feb 1943. Pre-Aviation Cadet Training / Miami Beach, FL Jul 1943. Montana State College Training Detachment / Bozeman, MT - 3 mos. Aviation Cadet Pre-Flight / Santa Ana, CA Dec. 1943. Aerial Gunnery School / Las Vegas (Indian Springs) NV - May 1944. A/Cadet Bombadier-Obs School / Kirtland AAF Base / Albuquerque, NM / Class 44-13B - Jul 1944. Basic Pilot Training School / Waco AFB ,TX / AT-6 - Oct 1948. A/Cadet advanced Pilot Training / Barksdale AFB LA Class 49-C - Sep 1949. Basic Supply School / Francis E. Warren AFB, Wyoming - 1958. Staff Supply School / Amarillo AFB, TX - 1959. Sqdn Officers School - 1962. Air Refueling School / Brighton, England.  Escape-Evasion School / Ireland.  Escape-Evasion School / Spokane WA.

Military Specialty(ies):

Airborn Link Trainer Wings/Bombardier-Obs Wings, Navig. Wings/Aerial Gun. Wings/Command Pilot Wings

Rank Upon Discharge:

Lt. Colonel

Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

44-69963 Winnie II

Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


Date Transferred from the 58th:

April, 1946

Date Discharged from the 58th:

April, 1970

Post-WWII Service:

Returned stateside 1st Lt. USAR. Resigned reserve commission and enlisted in the Aviation Cadets, graduated 2nd Lt. - again - Pilot Class 49-C, Barksdale AFB, LA. Served in SAC-MAC-ARS. Held positions as Chief of Supply, Chief of Maintenance, Deputy Material-Sqdn., Commander OIC Para Rescue, and Chief MAC Computer Conversion Team. Flew 18 different aircraft, land, and sea, conventional, jet, and rotary. Authorized eight different parts of wings. Forced retirement, the result of a budget cut, as Lt. Colonel in 1970, two months before ROPA Colonel board convened. How's that for luck? However, as a high school graduate, 5' 5", bald, and couldn't play golf, active duty, non-regular, Lt. Colonel defied the odds.

Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Owner/Operator Chism Trail Antiques.


Mr. Dallas passed away August 25th 2007


CREW OF THE WINNIE II -- FRONT ROW LFT/RT: 2nd. Lt. Leonard Dallas-Bombardier (Lt.Col.Ret.), 2nd. Lt. Donald Hale-Co-Pilot, 1st. Lt. William F. Giles-Pilot, 2nd. Lt. Gary Scholten-Navigator, 2nd. Lt. George Dussenberry-Radar Operator, BACK ROW Lft./Rt:. Cpl. L. Hess-Engineer, Cpl. C. Malmberg-Radio Op, Sgt. D. Chance-CFC,Cpl. R. Schussler-Gunner, Sgt. H. Davis-Gunner, Cpl. D. Stone-Gunner.


Lt. Col. Leonard Dallas


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