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James B. Cumming


Jim Cumming, WWII


Recent Address:

99 Pershing Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801



Family Information:



New Rochelle, NY

Date Entered Service:

September 4, 1942

Service Number:


Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:

Great Bend, KS

Missions Flown:


Hump Missions Flown:



Bangkok, Yawata, Yokohama, Tokyo, Singapore


Distinguished Unit Citation,Air Medal,Distinguished Flying Cross,Silver Star

Service Schools Attended:

Aircraft Engines, Amarillo, TX Dec 1944; Consolidate Aircraft Plant, San Diego, CA

Military Specialty(ies):

MOS 737-Flight Engineer VHB, MOS 611-Aerial Gunner

Rank Upon Discharge:


Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

42-24538 Beter 'N' Nutin

Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


Date Transferred from the 58th:

August 16, 1945

Date Discharged from the 58th:

October 24, 1945

Post-WWII Military Service:


Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Major oil company as gasoline equipment repair

Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:

As I reflect the past, I recall with pleasure the pride and close relationships of the officers and enlisted men of this group.


Mr. Cumming passed away on August 24, 2010.


Crew of the Beter 'N' Nutin: Lt. Justin Morton, Pilot; Lt. George T. Bacon, Co-Pilot;, Vernon D. Wilcox, Navigator; Sgt. Felix S. Czerw, Engineer; Sgt. Stanley Ellis, Radio Operator; Sgt. William Jokela, Right Gunner; Sgt. Jesse L. Bruner, Top Gunner; Sgt. John Desjardin, Left Gunner; Sgt. James G. Haga, Radio Operator.


Jim Cumming, 2003


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