Restoration Program
Angle / New Britain 5-Cyl



This is a one of a kind engine designed and built by Glenn D. Angle who was located in Detroit, MI. It ended up at New Britain Machine Co. in Connecticut for unknown reasons as most of Angle's engines were made in Detroit.

Unique to this engine are the one piece aluminum alloy casting of the crankcase and finned cylinders, dural forged connecting rods, nitride wrist pins, and cadmium-silver lined steel cluster support. It weighs only 160 lbs. and is 184 cubic inches in displacement and obtained 75 hp at 2,700 rpm. It had all the essential features for a light aircraft engine, but unfortunately World War II interfered and the engine never went into production.

This engine is located in the Military Hangar near the Kaman Seasprite and K-225 display.

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