New England Air Museum
Republic F-105B 'Thunderchief'

Courtesy of the Connecticut Air National Guard

NA heavyweight tactical fighter-bomber, the "Thud," like its Republic predecessors, the P-47 of WW II and the F-84 of Korea, made its mark in the Vietnam war, flying 75% of the air assault missions of that conflict. It had thin swept-back wings, carried fuel in pods and in the fuselage, packed a 20 mm cannon and nearly 5 tons of ordnance (bombs, rocket packs and missiles). The "Thud" had the ability to "toss bomb" a nuclear device if necessary and was the first jet fighter to travel over Mach 2. Another variant packed with electronics, with 2 crewmen, flew in "Wild Weasel" operations, identifying and destroying SAM missile sites.

This was the 18th of the 75 "B" models built, serving in the US and with the Air National Guard until 1981.


Length:   67'
Wing Span:   35'
Height:   14' 8"
Weight:   53,000 lbs. max take-off
Powerplant:   Pratt & Whitney J75-P-19W
Speed:   1,390 mph max
Range:   1,500 mi.
Ceiling:   50,000'
Year Built:   1957
Location:   Military Hanger


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