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BMW 801-ML (801C)


The 801 was the first high-performance air-cooled radial engine designed and built in Germany during World War II. In all its variants, it was the most produced German radial with over 28,000 built. Its lineage can be traced back to the Bramo Firm who obtained a license in the 1930's to produce the Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine. BMW purchased Bramo and used the Bramo designs as the basis for the 801.

Aircraft powered by variants of the 801 include:

  • Dornier Do 217
  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190
  • Heinkel He 277
  • Junkers Ju 188, Ju 288, Ju 388, Ju 290, Ju 390
  • Messerschmitt Me 264

The engine is displayed in the engine nacelle of a Dornier Do 217 and is located in the Military Hangar on the wall between the Douglas A-26C and the Vought Corsair.

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Type: 14-cylinder, supercharged, two-row, air-cooled radial
Displacement: 2,560 cu. in.
Dry Weight: 2,226 lbs.
Valvetrain: One intake and one sodium-cooled exhaust valve per cylinder
Power Output: 1,540 hp at 2,700 rpm
Compression Ratio: 6.5:1
NEAM Id: 13


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