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Hump Halsey


William Ezell's crew taken at Accra, Africa:
Top row L-R: Charles T. Rock, Charles H. Donalds, Ronald M. Gandy, Louis E. Peck, John R. Sweetman
Middle Row L-R: William O. Ezell, Hump Halsey, Arthur M. Shelton, Merril L. Williams
Front Row L-R: James D. Waring, Robert B. Quick


Recent Address:

Guthrie, OK



Family Information:

Parents: Neal and Edna Mae; Wife: Eddie Lou


Seminole, OK

Date Entered Service:


Service Number:


Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:


Missions Flown:


Hump Missions Flown:






Service Schools Attended:


Military Specialty(ies):


Rank Upon Discharge:


Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

Hump flew with William Ezell's crew.

Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


If so, where?


Date Transferred from the 58th:


Date Discharged from the 58th:

May 25, 1946. Called back on March 10, 1951 for the Korean War. Released December 9, 1952.

Post-WWII Military Service:

He continued flying in the Air Force Reserve on weekends out of Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, and was again called into active duty with the Air Force for the Korean War. Having had over 2000 hours in four-engine bombers, he was assigned to fly the largest bomber ever built, the 10-engine B-36. The B-36 was called the "Peacemaker" because it helped win the Cold War with the Soviet Union without ever firing a shot. When he was separated from active service he had amassed over 6,000 pilot hours in the air, a record of which he was very proud.

Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Hump worked his way through college as a member of the Oklahoma A&M Student Entertainers with his trick ropes and bullwhip act. They traveled all over Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

He was a charter member of the International Trick and Fancy Ropers Association and a member of the first professional rodeo cowboys association, the Cowboy Turtles Association.

Hump was a member of the Guthrie Lions Club, the American Legion, the Rodeo Historical Society, the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association and the First Christian Church of Guthrie. He was past president of the Oklahoma Angus Association and a life member of the Oklahoma State Alumni.


Mr. Halsey passed away July 21, 2003. He is buried at Roselawn Cemetery in Mulhall, OK.


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