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Earl Howard Fontenot


Earl Fontenot, WWII


Recent Address:

413 West Canal Street, Church Point, LA 70525


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Family Information:

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Fernia Fontenot; Wife: Evelyn; Children: 5; Siblings: Allen, Joy


Basile, LA

Date Entered Service:

August 7, 1942

Service Number:

18138511, 0773328

Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:

Kirtland Field, NM (February, 1943)

Missions Flown:


Hump Missions Flown:

Either 3 or 6


Rangoon (2), Yochow, Singapore (3), Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo (2), Kobe, Tomioka, Omuta, Toyoshima (2), Okayama, Kure, Takamatsu, Utsonomiya, Namazu, Fukui, Kawanishi, Aomori, Hachiogi, Saga, Fukuyama, Hikari


Good Conduct Medal,Asiatic-Pacific Theater Medal,Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters,Distinguished Flying Cross,5 Bronze Battle Stars

Service Schools Attended:

Basic - Merced, CA ; Santa Ana Preflight School - Gunnery Feb 1942?; AAF Bombardier School-Kirtland, NM Mar 1944

Military Specialty(ies):

MOS 1035-Bombardier

Rank Upon Discharge:

1st Lt.

Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

42-63500 Gravel Gertie

Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


Date Transferred from the 58th:

October 14, 1945

Date Discharged from the 58th:

November 24, 1945

Post-WWII Military Service:


Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Didn't want to return to teaching High School Agriculture. Became salesman for Church Point Wholesale Grocery & Liquor Co. from 1945 to 1989.

Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:

I'm satisfied that I played a part in helping to protect our country from the evil forces of another trying to take what is not theirs. Being in the Air Force and particularly the 58th Bomb Wing satisfied my ambition to fly though that ambition did not include harming other people. With every bomb I dropped I prayed that it hit its target and not innocent civilians.  I'm grateful to have made several life-long friends and was able to return safely to my home and family.


I kept and identified a tag from a bomb from every mission and included them in an album with pictures and brochures. My children and grandchildren enjoy them and get a sense of what it was like. I prayed that they would never have to live through similar circumstances but I can see that it was not to be!


Earl Fontenot


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