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Alvin Jelgerhuis


Recent Address:

415 5th St. S.W., Orange City, IA 51041


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Family Information:

Parents: George and Allie; Brother: Elmer (twin)


Edgerton, MN

Date Entered Service:

September 29, 1942

Service Number:


Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:

Salina, KS 1943

Missions Flown:

Many, but do not have records. Records show 169.25 operational hours flown and 224.5 combat hours.

Hump Missions Flown:

Many, but do not have records


Do not have records


Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart, 4 Battle Stars, Distinguished Unit Badge, Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, American Theater Service Medal.

Service Schools Attended:

Army Training School, Sheppard Field, TX 19 weeks; Pratt & Witney Factory School, Detroit, MI 6 weeks; AAF Training School, Lowery Field, CO 6 weeks

Military Specialty(ies):

Airplane Mechanic, Aerial Mechanic Gunner

Rank Upon Discharge:

Technical Sergeant

Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

Last plane flown was not named

Were you a POW?


If so, where?


Were you interned?


If so, where?

Kempe Tei, Tokyo

Date Transferred from the 58th:

April 13, 1946

Date Discharged from the 58th:

April 13, 1946

Post-WWII Military Service:


Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):

Mechanic; postal worker

Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:

War is devastating, but sometimes necessary to save our freedom. I have satisfaction and pride in what we accomplished.


The cost was high. My POW experience taught me the value of our free country. I also experienced the loss of my twin brother in the loss of his plane 5 months previous to my capture.

Mr. Jelgerhuis passed away on December 14, 2007 in Orange City, Iowa.


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