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Marvin L. "Buzz" Oates
Buzz Oates, WWII
Buzz Oates, WWII
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Sacramento, CA



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Parents: Philip and Emma; Wife: Theda, Paula; Children: Philip, Debbie, Marvilin, Judy, Kathy


Sacramento, CA

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Distinguished Flying Cross with an Oak Leaf Cluster; Air Medal

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Part of John Child's crew.  Flew in A/C 42-65233 (Superstitious Aloysius) to Tinian.

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His entrepreneurial spirit unscathed by WWII, Buzz took $2,000 he saved in the military and opened A&A Key Shop in an 8 x 11 foot space in Oak Park. His business acumen soon led to the creation of A&A Key Builders Supply, a retail establishment selling everything from nails to ovens. A change in the building supply business led Buzz to the idea that he could do better in commercial real estate. Always a visionary, he created Buzz Oates Enterprises (employing over 200 people internally and thousands more through sub-trade work) and was among the very first to utilize tilt-up construction with his first commercial building on Broadway Avenue. Those beginnings helped to establish his legendary reputation as a developer.
Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:
During his military career, Buzz survived several near-death accidents, including a mid-air collision at 1,500 feet that killed all five occupants of the other plane. Then, while flying over Japan as a B-29 bombardier, Buzz had a scare above Osaka when two live bombs failed to dislodge from the bomb bay. Straddling the open bay, Buzz tossed the bombs by hand and saved his entire crew which earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross with a Cluster Medal. He was also awarded the Air Medal for completing 30 combat missions.
Mr. Oates passed away December 7, 2013 and is buried at the East Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento, CA.
Dusty Child's Crew
Dusty Child's Crew; Buzz Oates, back row, left
Buzz Oates
Buzz Oates

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