New England Air Museum
Pratt-Reed LNE-1
Pratt-Reed LNE-1 at NEAM
On loan from the National Soaring Museum
Harris Hill, Elmira, New York

The LNE-1 is a two, side-by-side, seat glider trainer. The glider was built by the Pratt-Read and Co., Gould Aero Div., in Deep River, CT. The proposed design was made for the training of Navy and Marine Corps glider pilots to land Marines in the Pacific during World War II. The Navy glider program was quickly disbanded, as glider landings in the Pacific during WWII was determined not to be practical and 73 LNE-1's that were produced were transferred to the United States Army Air Force. They were all put into storage and then sold after the end of the war. It held several soaring records for multi-place sailplanes, including in 1952 for absolute altitude of 44,255 feet.

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Length: 26' 3"
Wingspan: 54' 6"
Empty Weight: 767 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1,147 lbs.
Cruise Speed: 86 knots glide or dive
Powerplant: None
Year: 1943
Serial No.: 31561
Registration: N5346G
Location: Military Hangar

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